Japonica round rice
Japonica Round Rice, also known as Sushi Rice or Japanese Rice, is a high-quality, short-grain rice that originated in Japan. The rice has a round, pearly white, smooth, delicate, and less broken appearance. Because of its high amylopectin content and many other substances such as glucose, lipids, proteins, sugars, and minerals, Japonica has a higher adhesion than different types of rice. When cooked, the rice is very flexible, white, soft, has a strong rice flavor, a naturally sweet aroma, and is high in nutrients; suitable for daily meals and dishes such as sushi and bento.

Japonica round rice

Product code: Japonica rice
Broken Grains
5.0 %
Moisture Content
14.0 %
Average Grain Length
5.0 mm
Polishing Grade
Polished with/without oil
Foreign matters
0.1 % Max.
Chalky kernel
3.0 % Max.
Damaged kernel
0.5 % Max.
Yellow kernel
0.5 % Max.
Red & red streak kernel
0.8 % Max.
Paddy grain
2 grains/kg Max.
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