Our production

Rice 1121, pusa, traditional basmati, sugandha, sarbati, and Rice PR11/14

Types of rice

We produce and supply rice in the following categories
all type of Indian Rice
20 types
White rice, fragrant rice, glutinouse rice, special varieties rice
all type of Indian Rice
Long grain rice, Long grain white, long grain parboiled, basmati,C-9 / IRRI, PK-386, 1121
all type of Indian Rice
10 types
30 types
Welcome to our website - your reliable source for fulfilling all your rice needs!

We are a global manufacturer and exporter of high-quality rice, renowned for our unsurpassed product quality and professionalism at every stage of production and supply. Our product is not just rice; it is a legacy where tradition and modern technologies meet.

We grow a diverse range of rice varieties that are loved and recognized by customers around the world - from fragrant Basmati and plush Jasmine to healthy brown rice and exotic black rice. Our rice offers a rich palette of flavors and textures to satisfy diverse culinary needs and preferences.

We take pride in our relentless pursuit of innovation, implementing cutting-edge technologies at all levels of production. This allows us to maintain the exceptionally high quality of our rice and ensure it meets international safety and quality standards.

Our company is open to collaboration with large and small enterprises, restaurants, and retail chains worldwide. We are confident that every partner will be pleasantly surprised by our flexibility, responsibility, and speed in fulfilling orders of any size.

Here, on our website, you can learn more about our company, the production process, and the range of products. You can also place an order and join the ranks of many satisfied customers who have already appreciated our high-quality rice.

We invite you to join those who have already experienced the perfect combination of quality, taste, and price in a single grain of rice. Your journey into the world of unsurpassed rice starts here!

Product quality inspection by SGS and phytosanitary certificate according to the new rules
Security of transactions and various payment methods - letter of credit or partial prepayment
We produce only high-quality rice in accordance with the specifications of your company or GOST
Average delivery time 40-65 days and 100% fulfillment of orders on time
Always open for cooperation
We invite wholesalers and buyers all over the world to cooperate. Fill in the contact details, we will contact you and discuss the terms of cooperation in more detail