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Price list last updated - on October 25th, 2023
Price Analysis for White Sella on October 25th:

Conditions: FOB Mundra, India in 25kg non-woven bags.
  1. 1121 White Sella: The highest priced variety at $1,055.
  2. 1718 White Sella: Slightly lower than the 1121 variant, it's priced at $1,035. This is a $20 difference from the highest priced variety.
  3. 1509 White Sella: The price drops significantly for this variant at $955. This is $100 less than the 1718 white sella.
  4. Sugnadha White Sella: Further down the price range, we have the Sugnadha variant at $795. That's a $160 difference from the 1509 white sella.
  5. Pr11 White Sella: The least expensive of the lot is the Pr11 variety, priced at $760. This is only a $35 difference from the Sugnadha variant.
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