IRRI6 Rice, 10% Broken Rice
IRRI6 is a type of long grain non-basmati rice produced in Sindh province of Pakistan, which is very popular in the African, Eastern European, Far-East and Gulf markets. A major chunk of rice exports from Pakistan comprises of IRRI6 exports to numerous destinations around the world as it is a delight for rice consumers. IRRI6 rice of Pakistan origin has better cooking results and is preferred by rice consumers. Therefore, IRRI6 rice exports from Pakistan has increased every year due to its popularity and acceptance of premium quality cooking results.

IRRI6 Rice, 10% Broken Rice

Pakistan Long Grain IRRI6 White Rice
Broken Grains
10.0 %
Moisture Content
14.0 %
Average Grain Length
6.0 mm
Polishing Grade
Silky Polished & Color Sortexed
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow
2.5 % Max.
Chalky Grains
4.0 % Max.
Foreign Grains
1.0 % Max.
Foreign Matter
0.8 % Max.
Paddy Grain
0.5 % Max.
Under-milled & Red-striped
2.5 % Max.
Milling Grades Available
White IRRI6 Rice, Sella IRRI6 Rice
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