IRRI9/C9 Parboiled Rice
Basmati rice means the "queen of fragrance or the perfumed one." This type of rice has been grown in the foothills of the Himalayas for thousands of years. Its perfumy, nut-like flavor and aroma can be attributed to the fact that the grain is aged to decrease its moisture content. Basmati, long-grained rice with a fine texture is the costliest rice in the world and has been favored by emperors and praised by poets for hundreds of years.

D98/PK385 Basmati Rice

Pakistani Basmati White Rice
Broken Grains
2.0 %
Moisture Content
13.0 %
Average Grain Length
6.8 mm
Polishing Grade
Silky Polished & Color Sortexed
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow
1.5 % Max.
Chalky Grains
3.0 % Max.
Foreign Grains
0.2 % Max.
Foreign Matter
0.1 % Max.
Paddy Grain
0.2 % Max.
Under-milled & Red-striped
2.0 % Max.
Milling Grades Available
Brown 385/D98 Basmati Rice, White 385/D98 Basmati Rice, Sella 385/D98 Basmati Rice
Contrasting Varieties
7.0 % Max.
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