Jeera Samba Rice

Jeera Samba Rice

Variety - Single Boiled / Double Boiled
Jeera Samba Rice, also known as Seeraga Samba Rice or simply Jeera Rice, is a traditional Indian rice variety.

Jeera Samba Rice is a cherished and essential part of the culinary culture in the regions where it is cultivated and consumed, especially appreciated for its unique attributes that contribute to the richness of traditional Indian dishes.
11.0 %
Grain Length
3 to 5 mm
Broken Grains
3 - 5 %
100% Sortex
1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 Kg PP bag, Non Woven bag, BOPP bag, Jute bag & Customized Packing
20 to 26 M.Tons depends upon the packing
Grain Size and Appearance:
Jeera Samba Rice consists of tiny or short-grained rice that resembles cumin seeds in size. This resemblance to cumin seeds is also reflected in its name, as "Seeraga" or "Jeeraga" translates to cumin in Tamil.

Aromatic and Flavorful:
This rice variety is known for its aromatic and flavorful nature, which makes it a popular choice for culinary uses, especially in the preparation of Biriyani.

Origin and Consumption:
Jeera Samba Rice is a traditional variety from India, specifically popular in South-East India, including the state of Tamil Nadu.

Nutritional Aspect:
The rice is noted for being iron-rich and easily digestible.

It is finely processed to eliminate impurities such as foreign grains, dust particles, and husk.

Physical Dimensions:
The length of the rice grains ranges from 3 to 5 MM, with a moisture content of 11%. The broken grain percentage ranges from 3-5%, and it is 100% Sortex cleaned.
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