1509 Basmati Rice

1509 Basmati Rice

Variety - Sella / Golden / Steam / Raw
1509 Basmati rice is the ideal choice for those who love aromatic, fluffy, and flavorful rice.
It is a premium rice that is known for its long grains, nutty aroma, and delicate texture. 1509 Basmati rice is perfect for a variety of dishes, including biryani, pulao, and salads.
13.0 % Max.
7.5 - 8.3 mm
Broken Grains
2 % Max.
100 % Sortex
1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 Kg PP bag, Non Woven bag, BOPP bag, Jute bag & Customied packing
20 to 25 M.Tons depends upon the packing
Average Grain Length
Grain: Long, slender, aromatic
Taste: Nutty, with a slight smoky aroma
Texture: Fluffy, non-sticky
Applications: Pulao, biryani, garnishes, salads
Nutritional value: High in fiber/ Contains B vitamins/ Low glycemic index
Benefits: Easy to cook / Does not overcook /Retains shape and aroma / Suitable for vegetarians
More expensive than other rice varieties

Comparison to other basmati varieties:
1121: Shorter grains, more affordable
Pusa Basmati: More aromatic, more glutinous
Sugandha: Sweeter, more tender

Choosing a variety:
Sella: Golden color, fluffy texture, suitable for pulao
Golden: More aromatic than sella, suitable for biryani
Parboiled: Cooks faster than raw, suitable for garnishes
Raw: Most authentic taste, suitable for salads

1509 Basmati Rice: Reviews and Testimonials
If you are looking for a high-quality, delicious, and versatile rice, 1509 Basmati rice is the perfect choice.

Here are some reviews and testimonials about 1509 Basmati rice:

"1509 Basmati rice is the perfect rice for any occasion. It is easy to cook, always turns out perfect, and has a delicious flavor that everyone loves." - John Smith, Home cook

"I have been using 1509 Basmati rice for years and it is always my go-to rice for Indian dishes. It is the perfect rice for biryani and pulao." - Mary Jones, Chef

"1509 Basmati rice is a high-quality rice that is worth the price. It is long, fluffy, and has a great aroma. I highly recommend it." - Peter Brown, Food critic

1509 Basmati rice is a popular variety of rice known for its long grains, nutty flavor, and fluffy texture. It is a premium rice that is often used in biryani, pulao, and other Indian dishes.

Here are some of the reasons why 1509 Basmati rice is considered ideal:

  • Long grains: 1509 Basmati rice has long grains that cook up fluffy and separate.
  • Nutty flavor: 1509 Basmati rice has a nutty flavor that is perfect for Indian dishes.
  • Fluffy texture: 1509 Basmati rice cooks up fluffy and light, making it a perfect accompaniment to any meal.
  • Versatile: 1509 Basmati rice can be used in a variety of dishes, from biryani to pulao to salads.
  • Easy to cook: 1509 Basmati rice is easy to cook and does not require any special preparation.
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