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The latest information about the global rice market and related world events

Here is the latest information about the global rice market and related world events:
1. The current price of rice is 17.69 USD

2. Some recent events in the rice industry include:
- The International Rice Genebank completed a review for continued partnership with the Global Crop Diversity Trust.
- The National Cereals Research Institute of Nigeria and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences evaluated Green Super Rice materials in various locations.
- The Thailand Rice Department and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) have signed a joint 5-year work plan.
- IRRI held a training on alternate wetting and drying (AWD) technology, a revolutionary water-saving technology for sustainable rice production.
- The Philippine government has targeted 97% rice self-sufficiency by 2028.
- Vietnam's largest rice-growing area in the Mekong Delta is preparing for adverse weather conditions brought on by El Nino.
- The Malaysian Agriculture Ministry plans to explore saltwater rice cultivation methods to increase the country's rice production.
- Yuan Longping's work on hybrid rice continues to be crucial amid rising concerns about global food security.
- In collaboration with the Government of Odisha, IRRI launched a participatory study on the cooking characteristics and sensory attributes of rice varieties.
- Two flood-tolerant rice varieties developed by scientists at the Africa Rice Center and IRRI are helping African farmers improve their productivity.

3. Adverse weather conditions are posing a risk to global rice supplies. Rice output in top producers like India, China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam is threatened due to factors like patchy rains, heatwaves, floods, and quality downgrades. Rice prices have so far remained stable due to large inventories and bumper crops in recent years. However, this trend might change due to potential production downgrades in key exporting countries.

Please note, this is a summary based on the latest available information as of June 24, 2023, and the situation might change due to factors like weather, policy changes, and market demand.